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"Lee Wade has been my 'go to' medical illustrator for over 20 years. I have rarely gone to trial in that time without one or more of Lee's illustrations to support my case.  Lee is not only a talented artist, he is diligent, accurate, fair, fast and local. He has a firm grasp of both medical and legal issues.  I have been pitched many generic or national medical illustration services over the years, but none could provide the level of service which I have routinely experienced from Lee."               

John W. Phillips / Phillips Parker Orberson & Moore P.L.C. / Louisville, KY

"Lee has worked diligently on creating some of the finest medical illustrations I have seen for publication in a wide variety of medical peered reviewed journals, textbooks and monographs. He has been our exclusive artist working with our faculty in developing these medical drawings that have expertly illustrated a broad pallet of areas in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine, and pelvis"              

John R. Dimar II, MD,

Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery / UofL

Norton Leatherman Spine Center     

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"Lee works well under short deadlines.  I have been able to have Lee do an exhibit turnaround in hours so that I can show a jury.  His illustrations have contribute substantially in helping me teach the medicine and anatomy and physiology to the jury.  He's professional, and he's just simply very good at what he does."


Scott P. Whonsetler / Whonsetler & Johnson PLLC / Louisville, KY

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